1 Hour Glitchin’ Of “Cryptex” | Music

2013.11.18 Mon

Here’s an hour mix of the extraordinaire glitch hop producer “Cryptex” I want to recommend to all you glitch hop fans. It’s just amazing that he can produce such music even he’s still around 20 years old or so. His sounds are well organized but fresh and original which makes him even special. His glitchy speaker breaking sounds makes you feel like dancing.


Those of you who aren’t familiar with glitch hop, take a minute to read this.

- 1.Concerto
- 2.Error
- 3.The Walking Dead (Reglitch)
- 4.Breathe
- 5.Drive It Like You Stole It (Reglitch)
- 6.Reset
- 7.Ellie Goulding – Lights (Reglitch)
- 8.Breaker
- 9.The Glitch Anthem
- 10.Slay It
- 11.Go
- 12.Footsteps
- 13.What You Talking About (Reglitch)
- 14.Kraddy – Heart Anthem (Remix)
- 15.Antique Gucci (Reglitch)
- 16.My Glitch In The Club (Reglitch)
- 17.Synthesizer

Genre: Glitch Hop



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