2014 Recap “Year Of Search” by Google | Video

2014.12.30 Tue

What was 2014 all about?  This is the question we ask ourselves when we hit the year end.

Many things have happened, both good and bad but one thing we can say is the world is changing so rapidly and 2014 was a year of “change”.

Today I want to share this video created by google, the search engine monster, where they visualized the top 2014 events that engaged literally everyone.

Year Of Search Google1 Year Of Search Google2 Year Of Search Google3 Year Of Search Google4

One thing I have noticed these days is that the world is getting within everyone’s reach, meaning smaller.  If a financial crisis hits any country, It will effect the entire world in some way.  When Ebola disease was found in the otherside of the world, any other country on the planet has a chance to get infected as well, as the number of  international travellers tend to increase.

What this means is that a problem happening somewhere in the world is a problem facing yourself, too.  So this is how I see the world and
this is how I want to continue to observe, feel, experience in the coming year.

But wait, this goes the same with all the good stuff too so don’t get me wrong.

It is our responsibility to do our best to encourage the good stuff together and solve problems together, not alone.

Here is the universal version.

I liked the music very much and found out that it’s Porter Robinson (Feat. Amy Millan).

For those who want more, here’s what YouTube’s got to offer for 2014.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.  Thanks for supporting Hi-Bit Magazine as always and look out for more exciting contents to come.

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