4 Time DMC World Champion “C2C | Video

2012.09.05 Wed

C2C might not yet be a household name for the electro/urban music enthusiast but the three letter-lettername is nonetheless legendary in the world of “turntablists”. They have won the DMC World Champions 4 times in a row (2003-2006) and 1 time ITF World Champion (2005).

The four members C2C met in high school and ever since they have developed their own unique performing style. DJ Greem and DJ 20Syl founded Hocus Pocus and released a gold certified album on Motown. Atom and Pfel created o their side Beat Torrent, one of the most popular formations on the dynamic French Electronic scene. But 2011 was the year when they finally reunited to produce C2C’s first album.

As you can tell from this video, their music is extremely musical and their performances are extraordinary. Check out how they rock the crowd.

Website: http://www.c2cmusic.fr/en/about/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C2Cofficial
Twitter: @C2Cdjs
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/c2cdjs


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