5 minutes of Syria | Video

2012.05.04 Fri

Do you know anything about Syria?
Most of you probably have a negative impression of this Islamic country such as “poor security” and “terrorist supporting nation”.

Damascus is the capital city, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world with the world’s oldest mosques.
It is a Christian and Muslim blended city while many geographic names appear in the new testament and many still remains there.

The population of Syria is 74% Sunni, 12% Alawi, 10% Christian, and 3% Druze. Combined, some 90% of the Syrian population is Muslim, while the other 10% is Christian. Arabic is the official language and Syrian Arabic is most widely spoken. Kurdish (in its Kurmanji form) is widely spoken in the Kurdish regions of Syria. Many educated Syrians also speak English and French.

We would like you to watch this video that might cast aside your first impession of the country.

by Ruslan Fedotow

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