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2014.11.12 Wed

As women’s rights have become more and more hot as a global topic, the number of independent women have been growing here in Japan as well. The story behind that can be explained in many ways but I simply think that women have been thinking the best for themselves for a long time. Japanese dancer & choreographer “Koharu Sugawara” is a good role model in that case and she have proven to be that way as a performer, and also as a women.


Her dance skills are undeniable and very reliant for her choreography. But that doesn’t explain her fully as she seems to have a strong faith in herself as a women. If you read this blog post “Honesty does not pay”, we can easily predict that she has her own strong philosophy to be honest and truthful to herself and her surroundings.



It’s hard to be honest in Japan

Why? Because you get hated for saying honest things.

Basically what she’s saying is that Japanese society does not accept honesty.  What that means is If you say honest things to people (in this case negative), you will get hated because it will hurt that person although it’s been said for good.  I do think the same way living here as a Japanese for awhile but I also hope that this society will be more open to each other so they can be more honest to one another for the sake of love.

As a result, this society makes us very unique from the rest of the world and very creative, just like she says that Japan is an artistic country on her post and that is why people need to redirect their energy to other means like Koharu expressing her way through dancing which might be just another way of showing her emotions.

So looking at her dance videos, you’ll get what I mean so here we go.

Choreography of Rather Be” by Clean Bandit

A promotional video, love the camera moves.

Workshop held in Moscow

Workshop The Best Worldwide Dance Event in Poland

[Dec.2014 Update] Check out her latest dance/choreography!

[Feb.27 2015UPDATE]  
“Sing” by Ed Sheeran :: Koharu Sugawara (Dance Choreography)

“Elastic Heart” by Sia (Brielle Von Hugel Cover) : Koharu Sugawara Choreography

[Mar.30 2015 UPDATE]
On android’s (google) latest video.

Choreographed Daichi Miura’s new single “Unlock” (One of Japan’s R&B/Pop singer).

Koharu Sugawara’s Japanese Blog

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