Amazing Street Musicians Jamming | Video

2014.05.28 Wed

Street musicians are real people and they just want to share their music to the public.  That’s what they’re doing.  Some people might feel irritated by their music just because it’s a bit loud, etc., but you’ll probably rethink what you have been feeling after you watch this video.  “The power of music”.


You see music is sort of like dance which tend to have no language barriers.  We don’t see much successful Japanese artists or musicians overseas yet but foreign artists and musicians have always been expressing, creating, fighting for their existence.

This video is one of those videos that might change how you feel about street musicians or even music in general.  I mean it’s always good to have a space in your life to appreciate good music and stop by for a song or two on the streets.

By the way, this video was posted on May 17th 2014 and it’s already been played over 13 million times on YouTube.  Just can’t ignore it, super hot.

Jesse Rya:

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