Around The World in 360° Degrees #SELFIE | Video

2014.05.13 Tue

#Selfie is a word you all might have heard it once in the past few years. It’s a word literally that describes people shooting themselves and sharing social media. This guy Alex Chacon has done it in a very unique and inspiring way. He has travelled around the world in 600 days, 36 countries by motorbike which counts up to over 125,000 miles and edited them into one piece of short selfie video.

360SelfieAroundTheWorld1 360SelfieAroundTheWorld2 360SelfieAroundTheWorld3 360SelfieAroundTheWorld4 360SelfieAroundTheWorld5

It must have been an incredible journey but also we can not ignore the part how he has gained attention by doing such a crazy project to inspire and encourage the people in the world, especially children by throwing away what he already had in Texas where he lived.

360SelfieAroundTheWorld6 360SelfieAroundTheWorld8 360SelfieAroundTheWorld7­s

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