“Beyond Nature” Timelapse of Iceland | Video

2013.10.07 Mon

In 2007, Iceland was the seventh most productive country in the world per capita, and the fifth most productive by GDP at purchasing power parity. About 85 percent of total primary energy supply in Iceland is derived from domestically produced renewable energy sources. 3/4 of it’s domestic energy sources are produced from hydroelectric energy and the rest from geothermally-generated electricity.

“Beyond Nature” is a timelapse video picturing the beauty and diverse nature that surrounds Iceland. No wonder they have such beautiful nature and clean air as you can see on the video.

BeyondNature_4 BeyondNature_2 BeyondNature_1

This country became one of top productive countries in the world by their fishery industry and finance. On the culture side, they have Bjork and Sigar Ros, who have become a major influence in the music industry around the world for their unique music style.

The island is geologically active with many volcanoes and hot springs just like Japan.

BEYOND NATURE Iceland Timelapse from aprilgarden on Vimeo.

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