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King of Pop Meets Japanese Traditional Instruments


Good music are always good, meaning they will be passed on to next generations. They are loved many and they get covered by many artists as time passes by. Good music are eternal. The latest video to surface shows a traditional Japanese rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal, performed by professional shakuhachi (a Japanese bamboo flute) player Yuko Watanabe along with two backup performers on a koto (a stringed instrument, also the national instrument of Japan). The harmony of “East meets the West” ...

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UK’s Singer Song-writer Lauren Faith Has The Sweetest Voice | MUSIC


I want to introduce a female singer that hit me recently. British native "Lauren Faith"  is a good looking and her outstanding voice drags you into her world of music. She is multi-talented and can play pianos, guitars, flutes, percussions, and violins. The first time I got to know her was this song. A very nice and relaxing house track with her sexy voice is just amazing. I love her voice but also like the music, which is very important ...

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World’s Biggest EDM Festival “Tomorrowland” Announces Surprising Lineup | Video


The Belgian EDM festival “Tomorrowland 2015” has recently announced ticket sales and artist lineup information. Start Ticket Sale • Global Journey Ticket Sale: Saturday 24 January 2015 at 5PM (CET)/ Jan 25 1AM (JST) • WorldWide Ticket Sale: Saturday 7 February 2015 at 5PM (CET) / Feb 8 1AM (JST) It is rumoured that the total 360,000 tickets from 2014 were sold out after a few hours of ticket sales. A Surprisingly Unique Artist Collaboration Announced For those of you who have been following the Tomorrowland movement, ...

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JAY-Z’s ’96 Demo Ranked On “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” | Music


The golden age of HipHop, the 90’s. HipHop was far more raw at that time and it still is in some parts but one thing we can all tell is that HipHop has changed a lot since then. Here I found a very rare demo "Reasonable Doubt" which was released back in 1996 by Hova aka JAY-Z, a HipHop artist active from way back and a successful business man. Of course the quality of the mp3 is not so good as we ...

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Eminem’s Still Got Mad Freestyle Skills, Better Than Ever | Music


So the title speaks for itself, but yeah bear with me. The super rapper from Detroit is back with a 7 min freestyle video which was just uploaded a couple of days ago, reaching its count to almost 1 millions views already and it won’t stop. Well, he’s got good news for you. His new album with his fellows will be out later this month, which will be released from his own record label, Shady Records and Interscope and Shadyxv is ...

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5 Years of Glitchin’ Anniversary “Simplify Recordings” | Music


Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, you name it…they'll have it all. The pioneers of the bass music scene is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with this "Glitch Allstar". Since the emergence of new music era, they have been leading the Bass-Music scene and we have seen a lot of diversification among these genre of music. It is proofing that music is surely evolving and making it's new moves to the new millenials. Here you can listen to the big names to ...

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New Redman on Kanye’s Track | Music


Good to have him back with a new video. Redman rapping over Kanye West's Livin' a Movie instrumental which is said to be recorded before The College Dropout. Hopefully this video means that Redman‘s Muddy Waters mixtape is coming soon. Feels good to hear real rappers to their thing. Redman - Dunfiato

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Is This Future R&B Or The Other Way Around!? | Music


Today I want to introduce this song which caught my ears as it sounds very 2000's but in a modern way. The track was well arranged by the UK based producer/DJ, Bok Bok and the shadowy R&B singer's name is Kelela from LA. These two somewhat don't match together if you hear them individually but I like the blend of the 90's, 00's feel they both have in this particular song. Kelela's voice is very smooth and transparent. Bok Bok's beat ...

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Live Broadcasting DJ Set from Ukraine “Radio Intense” | Music


Eastern European club music scene has always been evolving and has no sign to stop. We are now able to enjoy performances by top DJs from Ukraine in live broadcast through "Radio Intense". DJs such as Spartaque and many others play their set periodically from House to Techno so we get to listen to that hottest music from Ukraine right here online. I got to say that the sound is dope as their are so many great DJs and producer ...

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1 Hour Glitchin’ Of “Cryptex” | Music


Here's an hour mix of the extraordinaire glitch hop producer "Cryptex" I want to recommend to all you glitch hop fans. It's just amazing that he can produce such music even he's still around 20 years old or so. His sounds are well organized but fresh and original which makes him even special. His glitchy speaker breaking sounds makes you feel like dancing. Those of you who aren't familiar with glitch hop, take a minute to read this. Tracklist: - 1.Concerto - 2.Error - 3.The ...

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