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Silky Progressive Mix by Max Dillon | Download


I just bumped into this DJ mix by Silk Music, a label know for their beautiful roster of Progressive House DJ's and producers. Max Dillon was up for the guest mix for the label and I thought it was a great selection of recent progressive house music and a great mix itself so I thought to share it with you all. Max Dillon has been in the Rave and Club Scene since 1999. Building renown for himself for his epic ...

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Seven Lions Tour Video | Video


We have been supporting the electro music act "Seven Lions" for some time and today we would like to introduce his official tour video. We don't see much videos on so this would probably a rare one for sure. Also this new track "Seven Lions with Myon and Shane 54 - Strangers (feat. Tove Lo) is something you would want to listen to if you are a Seven Lions fan as he teams up with the trance duo Myon and ...

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“Blitz The Ambassador” from Ghana | Music


Ghanian-American hip-hop artist "Blitz The Ambassador" based in Brooklyn, NY is hot. He was born in Ghana and moved to the US at college, now a hip-hop artist in N.Y. has a roots of afrobeat and jazz. He was greatly influenced when he listened to the classic by Public Enemy "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" and he decides to move to N.Y. to pursue his dream as an hip-hop artist in N.Y. Those of you who ...

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Good Music Delivery from France | Music


David Le Deunff is the member of Hocus Pocus, a french hip-hop band and he has made his debut as solo. He plays beautiful guitar and his sweat voice gets on top of the beat produced by "20Syl" the man behind Hocus Pocus and C2C, the 4 DJ DMC Champion crew. I like how they play the acoustic guitar outside their studio in the music video. Strongly recommended for Hocus Pocus fans or simply who loves good music. You can purchase ...

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Breath Taking Soul Singer “Nao Yoshioka” | Music


Today I would like to share this little news to you all. Have you heard of the Japanese soul singer "Nao Yoshioka"? This clip is from the Apollo Theater, Amateur Night (Harlem, NY) and she won second place! As most of you may know, Apollo Theater is a very competitive stage and it is simply great to have a Japanese singer on stage and become so close to win it. After the mini tour "The Soul Exchange Tour" which took ...

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Classy Glitch Hop “Au5 & Fractal – Subvert” | Music


Today, we got some classy new glitch hop sound by a these two crazy artists Au5 & Fractal from the US. When it comes to dance music, there are tons of young producers who are even under 20 who are capable of delivering super high quality music in many different genres such as dubstep, house, electro, glitch, hiphop, etc. The music scene is obviously making a big leap forward from my point of view which is a great thing. This track ...

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30 Nights Of Free Music “iTunes Festival”


The annual music festival since 2007 that lasts for 30 nights is back again this year. Starting from Lady Gaga, iTunes Festival 2013 will be on for a month every single night this September, brought to you from the iconic music venue Roundhouse in London. Each night, an emerging artist is paired up with a veteran headliner and this unique formula has fostered epic, unexpected, and unforgettable performances. This special venue "Roundhouse" was a former steam-engine repair shed. After that it ...

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Still D.R.E Ace Quadz Remix | Download


Introducing Hi-Bit Magazine Presents series with a special remix of the legendary track from LA. The original track Still D.R.E. feat. Snoop Dogg was produced by Dr. Dre and was released back in 1999. LA is the place where all the good music is produced and this one is no exception. Please share and support if you like the music! Still D.R.E. feat. Snoop Dogg (Ace Quadz West Coast Remix) Go ahead and check the previous mashup "">N.O.R.E vs Cryptex - Superthug & ...

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Underrated Asian Rapper “CJ Trillo” | Music


Now we have come to a point where we can appreciate more and more good music from Asian artists and that's a good thing. There are handful of them if I try to name them all but today I'll just focus on this outstanding Filipino rapper "CJ Trillo aka Sucka Free CJ". To make things short, I recommend you to go straight to his website and listen to his music, as he hands out all 3 albums for free! The thing ...

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Asher Roth Back To Basics | Download


Some of the rappers out there are not comfortable about the atmosphere surrounding the modern Hip-Hop music scene so they are trying to express their music in their own ways "getting back to the basics". Asher Roth was one of the rare artists who has not much exposed himself to the trends and now he has come up with a very raw stuff, a new mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2" which is available for free download. Strongly recommended for good ...

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