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The History and Future of Everything | Video


3 more days to go until the end of 2013 and the time of speed is unbelievably fast. The world is literally speeding up as well and we get overwhelmed by the amount of information we get through our daily lives, which then makes us lose a sense of which time period we live in. This infographic motion graphics video explains the history and future of time in a smart way. We tend to think that internet has been there for ...

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We’re Back In Business | Announcement


First and foremost, we would like to apologize any inconvenience for the issue we had on our website and we had to shut it down for awhile. We had some unknown issue with the website and couldn't access the website for a few days and we were working on the problem for the past few days and now we have fixed it. It is absolutely safe now and we will do our best to deliver you better content  in the future. Thank you ...

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TO DO LIST for Simple Lives | 映像


Most of you probably know what a TO DO LIST is and have used it as a guide to remind tasks privately or at work. This TO DO LIST video is for people living in the modern digital world, who wants to seek for real happiness through their everyday lives. Just because it is expressed in a simple but beautiful motion graphic video, we are able to understand very easily the message of what the man behind this concept wants to ...

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Let It Be | Quote


The Beatles - Let It Be

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