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The Real Deal “KOHARU SUGAWARA”, The Interview | PEOPLE


Hi-Bit Magazine has been following KOHARU SUGAWARA for a while now, one of the greatest Japanese female dancers, choreographers out there and today I would like to share some of the stories and insights of the young prospective dancer. Everything written here is based on her true words.  Let's find out what she is all about. I was lucky enough to join KOHARU’s dance workshop held in En Dance Studio in Shibuya (Tokyo) and we sat down for a cup of coffee ...

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The Japanese LED dance performance crew “WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA aka EL SQUAD” is back with “DOOODLIN”. They first caught everyone’s eyes when they started dancing with LED lights on their suites where the lights were synchronised with the dance performance which looked so fresh. Now they are back with a brand new program “DOOODLIN” which will be held in Tokyo Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi starting April 3rd (Fri) through April 12th (Sun). The previous show was also amazing too. Tickets are available ...

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Super Dance Duo “Les Twins” On The Move | Video


No need to be explained in the entertainment dance industry but the french dance duo “Les Twins” are still playing hard in the game. Here are 2 recent videos by the brothers. Check out our previous articles to find out more about Les Twins. Les Twins - Twins N Chains   This video was uploaded from the world’s largest dance network “DanceOn!” YouTube channel. Les Twins shed chains and show off their signature style. Les Twins - Bubba Sparxxx “Heat It Up”   This one was uploaded ...

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2014 Recap “Year Of Search” by Google | Video


What was 2014 all about?  This is the question we ask ourselves when we hit the year end. Many things have happened, both good and bad but one thing we can say is the world is changing so rapidly and 2014 was a year of "change". Today I want to share this video created by google, the search engine monster, where they visualized the top 2014 events that engaged literally everyone. One thing I have noticed these days is that ...

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A Pair Of BOSE Earphones Turns Xmas Eve A Special One | Video


Everyone’s favorite earphone brand “BOSE” have come up with something special in Christmas Eve, a creative dance video that imitates the Japanese salary-man situation over working even in Xmas. The concept is simple. “Challenging how 2 people can dance both wearing the same single earphone”.   The dancers are one of our favorite Japanese dancers “KOHARU SUGAWARA” and “Noppo”, choreographer for Mariah Carey and a member of S★★t kingz. I think this dance video was created in a very dancer’s perspective way and ...

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World’s Best Basketball Freestyle Dunk “Lord Of Gravity” | Video


I’m not sure categorising this as basketball but yes, they are a team of basketball freestylers “Lord Of Gravity” with a extraordinary dunk skills. They use trampolines to take huge leaps towards the hoop and do creative moves up in the air. They are a different team from “FaceTeam” which I have posted a while ago, although they do pretty much the same thing. Yet, they are super good so its worthwhile to take a look at the video and ...

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#EpicFood Fight Drogba vs. Messi is Fun | Video


The Ivory Coast National Team Superstar Didier Drogba challenges Lionel Messi, the king of football. This project was launched from Turkish Airlines as they have launched a different version of this series where Lionel Messi was competing with Kobe Bryant, the NBA superstar in a Selfie Shootout.   Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout In this series, as Drogba flies around the world, he tries out different sorts of epic foods. While he enjoys the superb experience, there’s one thing that concerns him. ...

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Séan Garnier Talks About What it takes to be a World-Class Freestyle Footballer | Video


Red Bull Street Style 2014 was held in Salvador, Brazail and the footage have been released. Former 2008 Champion “Séan Garnier” talks about what is takes to be #1 in street style football. As an official judge of Red Bull Street Style, he explains how originality is important in his judging process. This game is not about lifting balls along with the music and the ball is just one of the elements. There’s a stage, MC, DJ, and the ...

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“DJ KRUSH × WASHO” Talks About The Japanese Origins | Video


As many of you may not already, DJ KRUSH has been in the game over a couple of decades and still thriving.  The Japanese music producer/turntablist became well know in the hip-hop community way back but as far as his music goes, the music is well beyond genres, spreading to breaks and abstract beats and know he collaborates with Japanese traditional instruments, such as Japanese drums, bamboo flutes, etc. Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 has been very active until ...

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Eminem’s Still Got Mad Freestyle Skills, Better Than Ever | Music


So the title speaks for itself, but yeah bear with me. The super rapper from Detroit is back with a 7 min freestyle video which was just uploaded a couple of days ago, reaching its count to almost 1 millions views already and it won’t stop. Well, he’s got good news for you. His new album with his fellows will be out later this month, which will be released from his own record label, Shady Records and Interscope and Shadyxv is ...

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