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All Eyes On The Japanese Dancer “Koharu Sugawara” | Video


As women’s rights have become more and more hot as a global topic, the number of independent women have been growing here in Japan as well. The story behind that can be explained in many ways but I simply think that women have been thinking the best for themselves for a long time. Japanese dancer & choreographer “Koharu Sugawara” is a good role model in that case and she have proven to be that way as a performer, and also ...

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Yosi Horikawa Can Create Music From Sound | Music


Being original is pretty much what everyone faces at some point of their lives. If you’re a music producer, you will most likely be thinking how you can layer the sounds and make it original and feel good. The one and only Yosi Horikawa is the guy from Japan who knows which sound makes us feel good. He might not be really famous in Japan, but he has been to places around the world, performing at Boiler Room, Sonar, etc. His style ...

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A Poem Written by A 14 Year Old Boy Is Crazy | Video


One thing I can say before you move on to the main topic is “We can never judge anything fro their appearances”. This 14 Year Old Boy has proofed it by writing this amazing poem. His brother Derek Nichols tweeted this poem a few months ago and now it has gone viral. Read this... My 14 year old brother wrote this... Crazyyyy — Derek Nichols (@DerekNichols0) 2014, 2月 26 Read the poem once through first... Our generation will be known for nothing. Never ...

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Watch Ichiro’s Miracle Throws | Video


Japanese major league superstar Ichiro’s jaw dropping baseball throw is a must see. Yunker (Japanese Energy Drink) has made an commercial video featuring Ichiro, a man who throws like a machine. He has shown the crowd how he can throw in realtime ball-games but this video is something much more. Ichiro is currently 40 years old still playing as a major league baseball player at the Yankees. We wish to see him play more in the future as a Japanese ...

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Chicago Native Musicians Stands Up For Cancer | Download


They say 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer), an organisation who is trying to improve these odds by investing in future collaborative cancer research has some thoughtful company. The Chicago native rapper/musician/entrepreneur have stood up to join the movement with a strong song “REMISSION”, joined by a Jennifer Hudson and Common, both also from Chi-Town. The song has been produced by Soundz and Duke ...

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The Music Of Tomorrow “SOULECTION” | Music


It just hit me. That simple. The phrase “music of tomorrow” is the exact sentence that describes this new label established by 2 music lovers Joe Kay and Andre Power, based in LA. Every selected artist and music are carefully crafted and there’s this laid-back feel of the westcoast. future hiphop you may call but I say it’s more than that. This whole movement “Soulection” has already become quite big in the niche underground scene. Expanding to many areas around the ...

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Sick Free Throw Dunk by a High Schooler Shelby McEwen | Video


We have seen a quite a lot of gorgeous dunk shoots in the history of basketball but this high schooler is a bit different. Explanation is probably not needed but it will take a lot to make such dunk shoot and the most memorable dunk shoot was by the legendary Michael Jordan. So this kid has done it when he is still a high schooler. Apparently he has won the dunk competition as he carries the trophy and see how he gets ...

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Female Dancer “Rino Nakasone” The Secrets of Success | Video


Have you heard of Rino Nakasone, the Japanese female dancer, choreographer , model? She is already very well known in the dance community as she have expanded her dance career in Japan and overseas. So the questions is how did she become so succesful as a dancer and have got recognized by so many people including Janet Jackson? Who is she? "Crazy" is the word that describes her…of course in a good meaning! Her dance skills is off the hook but ...

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Football Samurai Comes To Brazil | Video


An armored "Samurai" finds his way into Brazil, the how country of FIFA World Cup 2014. The freestyle football performance is jaw dropping. First, check out the video yourself. This video was originally made my Nissin, a Japanese company that produces the world's famous Nissin Cup Noodle. Freestyle football, also known as freestyle soccer in North America, is the art of expressing yourself with a football, while performing various tricks with any part of the body. Tokura (Kotaro Tokuda) is a Japanese RedBull ...

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This Will Start You Off With World Cup 2014 | Video


We are about to experience the heat of World Cup Soccer but wait, you got to watch this before. This is a short film about soccer where you can see the director himself juggling perform in different situations and different countries. He also came out really successful 2 years ago with the video "The Man Who Lived On His Bike". " Bounce is a new combination of several of my passions: the short film, juggling and travel. " Within four minutes the ...

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