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100 Days of Polar Night Magic | Places


In the northern Finland the heart of winter lasts 100 days. As the mood and light vary countless times during this magical period, it’s impossible to experience all aspects of it during a short visit. That’s why and FinnAir are organising a mighty expedition, letting outdoor enthusiasts experience a true winter in a way that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This limited campaign is already running and we have 16 days left to go at the time ...

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The Razor Light Powered Dance Floor At Qlimax 2014 is Unbelievable | Video


The dance music scene is still evolving, whether you like or not. This is a fact. It has become so popular now that there are many huge dance music festivals around the world, sometimes tickets sold over 6 digits. Here is a short footage of “Qlimax 2014”, one of the biggest indoor dance music festivals in Europe, on a par with Sensations was held in Arnhem, Netherlands. Netherlands, the holy land of dance music hosts this hard techno rave every ...

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World’s Biggest EDM Festival “Tomorrowland” Announces Surprising Lineup | Video


The Belgian EDM festival “Tomorrowland 2015” has recently announced ticket sales and artist lineup information. Start Ticket Sale • Global Journey Ticket Sale: Saturday 24 January 2015 at 5PM (CET)/ Jan 25 1AM (JST) • WorldWide Ticket Sale: Saturday 7 February 2015 at 5PM (CET) / Feb 8 1AM (JST) It is rumoured that the total 360,000 tickets from 2014 were sold out after a few hours of ticket sales. A Surprisingly Unique Artist Collaboration Announced For those of you who have been following the Tomorrowland movement, ...

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Why “Kusatsu” Hot Spring Is A Must Visit In Japan | Places


There are a few famous hot springs in the Kanto-Area and “Hakone” is tops the hot spring ranking but “Kusatsu” is another famous hot spring located in Gunma Prefecture, which is 2 hours and a half by train from Tokyo. WIth a long history as a famous hot spring, Kusatsu has been one of the “Must go places” in Japan and also loved by Japanese tourist. Other than the hot springs, the you will be able to enjoy the nature ...

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The Natural Wonder of “Yosemite” | Video


So this isn't an article of the newly released Mac OS X Yosemite so read on if you don't mind. It has been awhile but here we introduce Hi-Bit Magazine On The Road Series Vol.2. Following the vol.1 which took place in Bangladesh, this time I have visited Yosemite, one of the well known national parks on the planet. Yosemite National Park is a United States National Park spanning eastern portions of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Maderacounties in the central eastern portion ...

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Full Moon Party in Yoron Island “SAORI’An” | Video


I first found out about Yoron Island when SAORI'An, Japanese paint artist was going to perform at a festival in Yoron Island.  This small island is located just north of Okinawa's main island and it is still has this raw atmosphere surrounding that place. So SAORI'An is back with the beautiful festival once again which will be held at the exact same spot by the beach on full moon, July 12th. The festival "Tsukiyoi Matsuri 2014" is full of love ...

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Around The World in 360° Degrees #SELFIE | Video


#Selfie is a word you all might have heard it once in the past few years. It's a word literally that describes people shooting themselves and sharing social media. This guy Alex Chacon has done it in a very unique and inspiring way. He has travelled around the world in 600 days, 36 countries by motorbike which counts up to over 125,000 miles and edited them into one piece of short selfie video. It must have been ...

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Witness The Spectacular New Years Fireworks In Dubai | Video


Dubai has scored a guinness world record for their 2014 countdown & new years event which summed up to 500,000 fireworks with in 6 minutes, spending a million dollars per minute. This video is a super high definition 4K video and you get to see the fireworks and the scale of this massive event. Change the settings on YouTube to 2160p (4K) for better quality view. Just to give you an idea of the scale, the famous fireworks held in ...

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The One & Only Dubai Skydiving Championship | Places


It is undeniable that Dubai is the one and only city in the world with such amazing things squeezed into one place. This 4K video of the 2012 World Parachuting Championship is just mind blowing, overlooking the beautiful city from up above the skyscrapers and the oasis in the desert. It will be just as exciting like Dubai beginners for those of you who have already been there. The world's tallest 5 star luxury hotel "The Burj Al Arab", the only ...

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The Last Frontier in South East Asia | Places


With travel restrictions now easing in the once isolated country of Myanmar (aka Burma), corporates from around the world are moving into this last frontier in South East Asia. The country was ruled by the military regime until the recent democratization movement and as a frontier in South East Asia, there are so many things that have been untouched. Now many multi national enterprises are moving into this land for cheaper resources and they will be more to come in the ...

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