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The Razor Light Powered Dance Floor At Qlimax 2014 is Unbelievable | Video


The dance music scene is still evolving, whether you like or not. This is a fact. It has become so popular now that there are many huge dance music festivals around the world, sometimes tickets sold over 6 digits. Here is a short footage of “Qlimax 2014”, one of the biggest indoor dance music festivals in Europe, on a par with Sensations was held in Arnhem, Netherlands. Netherlands, the holy land of dance music hosts this hard techno rave every ...

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PILOT Encourages Children To Handwrite With “Kakuno” | Technology


When was your last time you’ve handwritten on a real notebook? For me, once a week would be at the most. Although there are differences among people, the handwriting culture has gradually slipped away from our daily lives in general. After all the PCs and mobile devices have dominated our lives, we can always type our memos on devices and sync them on cloud, such as tools like “Evernote” and I surely do appreciate that technology. Evernote - Evernote But today I want to ...

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World’s First Smart Carry-On Suitcase “Bluesmart” Will Change Your Trip | Technology


So now we have a suitcase with IT technology integrated. The one of a kind smart suitcase “Bluesmart” is currently seeking funding via indiegogo campaign but it has already reached it’s goal but the funding doesn’t seem to stop at all. Main Features: ・Automatic digitally controlled lock when separated from owner ・Built-in weight scale ・Location tracking ・Battery charger(2 devices at the same time, recharge your smartphone six times over) Helps travellers travel much smarter with this technology based suitcase, especially for you jetsetters. It also ...

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Night Ride With LED Lightsuited Skiers | Video


Here I have found a very unique project called “Afterglow”, executed by Philips TV and Atomic Skis supported by Sweetgrass Productions and their agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren. From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made.   The teaser is up already and the 12 minutes full version will be released tomorrow Oct. 19 (Sun) here.  Don’t miss out if you are ...

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The World’s First “Layer-Lapse” Video | Video


You may have seen a timelapse video or two by now if you are internet savvy but I am pretty sure you haven’t seen such thing like this before. Traditional time-lapses are constrained by the idea that there is a single universal clock. In the spirit of Einstein's relativity theory, layer-lapses assign distinct clocks to any number of objects or regions in a scene. Each of these clocks may start at any point in time, and tick at any rate. ...

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The Magical Projected Garden “The Ark” by AntiVJ | Technology


Projection Mapping has become fairly common in Japan and it is one of the modern ways of communication. As it has become so common nowadays, it is the matter of “what” you do with it and AntiVJ has come up with something very unique. On the invitation of Proyecta Oaxaca, several artists from the Antivj visual label have devised four visual and sonic works to be installed at the heart of the Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca. This audio-visual installation was named ...

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4 Creative Videos of Mercedes-Benz New C-Class | Video


To show that the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class’ excellence, BBDO Singapore has come up with this 4 super creative videos, which all expresses all the great new features equipped on the new C-Class with science based creativity. The messages are unbelievably simple. Every single video surprises the viewers and drags you into the world of Mercedes-Benz and I like the whole idea of it. Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure out how they do it. Mercedes-Benz Experiments: Water Mercedes-Benz ...

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“House Of Mamba” The Home of NIKE’s Basketball Summer Campaign | Technology


Nothing is better than getting trained by the best. Nike is back again with a brilliant campaign that will keep the basketball fans busy during summer. Kobe Bryant is the guy who will lead this training camp, the basketball phenomenon, which will be his 9th summer camp this year held in Shanghai, China. That sounds already cool to me but Nike goes way beyond that. They have developed this interactive LED visualised basketball court with AKQA (creative agency) which will ...

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This Is Nike Football In Your Pocket | Technology


The World Cup Is Over, Soccer Is Not. Nike Launched a new Football App for iOS and Android named “Nike Football App”. So what’s so special about it? It’s basically a hub of all things of Nike Football. Let’s look briefly look into it. ・Communication tool with your football mates where you can talk football 24/7 ・News Feeds from Nike Football ・Exclusive access to trials It might be a bit hard to find the value in this app especially if you’re not into football ...

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Who Said Print Is Dead?! | Video


They say print is out of date in this digital era and all the data in your hands should tell something similar to that. Well, “Mas Por Mas” a Mexican magazine proofed print isn’t dead yet. How did they do proof that? Let’s go inside the “toilet”. Electric hand driers are common in Japan but there are other countries where they use paper towels to dry their hands. Mas Por Mas used that paper towel dispenser to deliver their recent ...

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