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FRAMED 2.0 brings Digital Art to the Living Room | Technology


Art has transformed over the years and digital art is a new type of media that has made a biggest leap forward by leveraging technology. -Bringing Digital Art to Life- FRAMED is an Internet connected display that allows you to showcase artwork in a way that has never been done before. The project started off raising funds on “Kickstarter”, the crowdsource platform which has already surpassed the pledged goal $75,000 and now little over $300,000 with 20 days still to go. A very simple ...

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The Future Of Water Sports Is “Hoverboard” | Video


Some of you might be skeptical about this new hoverboard article because of the hoverboard hoax that rumored around in March, this time it seems legit. These Hoverboards and Flyboards are new water sport equipments that looks pretty exciting to me. It is almost like Jetlev but there are so many moves you can enjoy if you look at the video. Hoverboard is like wake boarding but without the boat. You can also sit on the boat and fly high in ...

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This Wearable Device For Surfers is a Game Changer | Technology


I was totally blown away when I saw this gadget. This waterproofed watch and app for surfers will most likely change how surfers interactive with the ocean. It was co-developed by surf brand "Rip Curl" and Australian digital agency "VML" and the it's called "Rip Curl SearchGPS". Let's see how it works. SearchGPS has GPS and accelerometer built in and it records your speed, distance and number of waves you rode. Later on you can sync the data to your iPhone, tablet, ...

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1/3 Of US Citizens Watch Super Bowl | Video


We are approaching the biggest sport event of the year in the US. "NFL SUPER BOWL XLVIII" will kick off on 2/2 18:00 ET where Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will fight for the championship. This sport event is one of the most watched sports TV program out there and Forbes saids 1/3 of US citizens watched the game in 2013. US commercials tend to be more funnier than Japan and I personally think it's much healthier in a way. Last ...

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Your Perfect Personal Trainer “Nike Training Club” | Technology


Some might think that keeping up with fitness gyms are quite difficult time-wise & money-wise. So here's an alternative to do something close to fitness gym but absolutely free at any time. First, the good part of this app is that it is multi-lingual, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Over 100 full body workouts inspired by top Nike athletes and designed by NTC Master Trainers with all the research data integrated, this awesome app will promise you ...

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Wingsuit In Flight | Video


This is something you might want to add to your bucketlist. Wingsuiting is a sport of flying human body through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit, which adds surface area to the human body like a flying squirrel to enable a significant increase in lift. Shin Ito, a Japanese wingsuit pilot and a skydiver holds the current world record of reaching the fastest speed in a wing suit of 363 km/h (226 mph), achieved on 28 May 2011. These modern ...

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Street Art Masterpiece In A Australian Warehouse | Video


The presence of street art is bigger than ever and more projects are popping up around the world. This advertising campaign "SOFLES - LIMITELSS" by an Australian paint company Ironlak takes place in a empty warehouse, created by videographer Selina Miles and the graffiti artists, Sofles、Fintan Magee, Treas, and Quench and it is impressive. The scale of the project is huge and they use timelapse effectively to capture the big artwork of the project. DJ Butcher's soundtrack is available for free download ...

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Transform Your Android Phone In One Click | Technology


Are you tired of the home screen of your android smartphone?  Themer is an app thats lets you customize your home screen with a few taps, making your phone look sharper and something that makes you feel happier every single time you unlock it.. plus its free! After you download the app on your android phone, you get to choose custom templates already installed as default so you just pick the theme that suites you best. A very good way to ...

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Reduce Tab Clutter in Google Chrome “One Tab” | Technology


What is your favorite web browser that you use? Internet Explorer is still the number one share for internet browsers in Japan which surprises me a lot. Google Chrome is known for speedy browsing and I use it myself and I'm fully satisfied with it. But if you are surfing the internet for along time, sometimes you find yourself with too many tabs opened and it makes the browser slow occupying too much memory of my computer. But that issue was ...

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Keep Your Bikes Safe With Sphyke


To protect your favorite bike from thieves by locking your bike frame is just not enough. When it comes to expensive bikes, it is easy for thieves to steal just the parts of your bike and you know how much those small parts of your bikes costs you. So to be extra safe on it, here's when this new gadget from Berlin, Germany plays a important role for anti theft combination skewers. It may seem a pain in the ass to ...

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