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2014.09.01 Mon

They say 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer), an organisation who is trying to improve these odds by investing in future collaborative cancer research has some thoughtful company. The Chicago native rapper/musician/entrepreneur have stood up to join the movement with a strong song “REMISSION”, joined by a Jennifer Hudson and Common, both also from Chi-Town. The song has been produced by Soundz and Duke Da Monsta.


Lupe Fiasco has played an important role in this song, inviting Jennifer Hudson and Common which empowers the song even more. Both featured artists are one of a kind artists and they are great role models for young people. You can check out the recently released music video and join the movement by purchasing the song here on iTunes.

LupeFiasco_Remission_2 LupeFiasco_Remission_4


100% of your donation received by SU2C will support Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative cancer research and programs. Watch the show on September 5th at 8PM/7 Central (abc, CBS, FOX, NBC).


Lupe is a great rapper/musician but in addition to music, he has pursued business ventures including two clothing lines (Righteous Kung-Fu and Trilly & Truly), designed sneakers for Reebok, runs 1st and 15th Entertainment, and has been involved with charitable activities. He was not an exception as a Black American raised in a hood around prostitutes, drug dealers, killers, and gangs which he mentioned in an interview. Regardless to that circumstances, he had a bunch of National Geographic magazines and encyclopaedias and a little library bookshelf where he was able to get his mind away of the neighborhood. That’s where the intellectuality of his lyrics comes from.

Musicians are people who play music and that is what it is. They make music and play them in front of people with messages on top of it. They are messengers. The influence is even bigger if you are a celebrity and there are so many things you can do to influence people which these great artists are doing through a song. I believe in the power of music but also the power of artists where they can influence people and lead people to a better way of thinking and acting. Great example of how music can turn things alive. By the way, the song is amazing.

We Are Mission

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