“Clone” vs “Human” NIKE’s New CM “Risk Everything” | Video

2014.06.11 Wed

Nike came up with this new animation video right before the World Cup. #RiskEverything is their copy and they have created a story of technology overtaking the world of football.

“The Last Game”


In 20××, a company called Perfect Inc. invented a game changing clone football team. They are a group of people who does not take risks and just plays for their business. The clones where very accurate and perfect that they eventually kicks the former superstars out of the game.

Nike_RiskEverything1 Nike_RiskEverything2 Nike_RiskEverything4

But the humans stands up once again to save football by challenging the clones.
They were not afraid to take risks. The beauty of sportsthats right.

Nike_RiskEverything5 Nike_RiskEverything6

“There’s no greater danger than playing it safe”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, Andrés Iniesta and many others appear in this video.
So check out the results yourself.

Nike_RiskEverything8 Nike_RiskEverything9 Nike_RiskEverything12 Nike_RiskEverything14

I hope we can see risk taking plays in the World Cup 2014. The game is on.

USA: http://www.nike.com/soccerapp
Brasil: http://www.nike.com/futebolapp
Latin America: http://www.nike.com/futbolapp
Rest of World: http://www.nike.com/footballapp

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