Custom Jeans “3×1″from NYC

2012.05.24 Thu

Many people find it difficult to pick up the exact pair of jeans that perfectly fits you.

“3×1″ a brand new jeans company located in downtown NYC is a solution for those of you who have experienced this before. They offer a wide variety of jeans for both men and women in off-the-rack, custom and bespoke options.

• Limited Edition: You pick the buttons and rivets, and you can watch through the glass as 3×1 hems them to your length. (Ballpark prices start in the $200.)

• Custom Made: In addition to the Limited Edition service, you can customize back-pockets, denim mills and threads. (Ballpark prices start in the $525.)

• Bespoke: Allows patrons to work individually with Morrison and his pattern-maker to create his or her own pair of jeans from start to finish. (Ballpark prices start in the $1,200.)

The stie consists of retail and gallery space, an entire manufacturing facility as well as their design studio, all in one place where patternmakers, sewers, cutters, and designers all going about their daily routine before your eyes. The glass-enclosed workspaces reflects Scott and his peers’ faith in jeans.

The name “3×1″ is derived from denim’s standard weaving construction as it takes 3 ft.=1yd. of denim to produce one complete jeans.

Well over 100 varieties selected from top-notch denim mills around the world, a couple of them are imported from Japanese mill factories in Kansai area.

They are collecting good responses for the concept of this custom jeans shop and as a result, Scott unveiled his vision to open a second store in Japan in the future. Exciting moments for the Japanese jeans freaks are right around the corner.



15 Mercer St

New York, NY 10013





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