“DJ KRUSH × WASHO” Talks About The Japanese Origins | Video

2014.11.14 Fri

As many of you may not already, DJ KRUSH has been in the game over a couple of decades and still thriving.  The Japanese music producer/turntablist became well know in the hip-hop community way back but as far as his music goes, the music is well beyond genres, spreading to breaks and abstract beats and know he collaborates with Japanese traditional instruments, such as Japanese drums, bamboo flutes, etc.


Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 has been very active until today in Tokyo as they have been holding events almost everyday through out the past month.  This event that DJ KRUSH had performed “The Garden Beyond” in Oct. 20th is one of them.  The collaboration happened in front of The Gallery of Hōryū-ji Treasures at Tokyo National Museum.


photo by Yusaku Aoki | Red Bull Content Pool


The cutting edge music that came about with the collaboration of DJ KRUSH and the Japanese DNA “Wagakki (Japanese traditional instruments) came across in Ueno “The Garden Beyond” which was brought to the people with a concept “static & motion, the path to the light” that represents Japanese style, enabled one to feel such concept through sound.  Having the national heritage behind, DJ KRUSH and the masters of Japanese “Wagakki” performed under the starry night.


The documentary of the collaboration “The Garden Beyond” was released.

To learn more about DJ KRUSH, check out his history.

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