Don’t Stop | Quote

2013.08.04 Sun

Today I’m going to talk about something a little philosophical. I’m sure that everyone has at least one or two thoughts in their selves like “I wanna be like this or that” or “I wanna be able to do that”. For example, “I wanna sing and dance like Michael Jackson” could be a typical ideal and we can also put it as a “dream”.

Nothing to be explained in detail but if you wanted to achieve something big, you need to work really hard for it and you probably need some luck with you too. But one thing we all know is that the most simple solution for overcoming hard times and discouragements would be to keep running no matter what. The good news is that “dream” is a very strong element that keeps you driving everyday even you might have a bad day or two and someday you might as well make it happen.



PHOTO shot in Hanoi, Vietnam

Daisuke Inoue
Content Specialist: Digital Strategist & Communication Consultant

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