Drifting Toyota Cars In a 6 Story Parking Lot Chains Up The Fun | Video

2014.12.03 Wed

I always admired Honda for their very edgy contents (1,2) creations but I have to give some props to this one by Toyota. “Don’t Stop Playing” is the concept behind this “TOYOTA FUN CHAIN” project and it was shot in a 6 story high parking lot. Here’s how it goes.

This is a driving entertainment targeted to driving lovers which uses 13 sports cars from Toyota drifting through the parking lot. How thrilling could this be?!

The car starts suddenly at the GO sign. Thanks to the blowing wind, you made my day.



Recording the sound of drift and a bowling bowl rolls down with the shivering sound speakers.



Car tilted and one sided driving.



Turning on a switch with the back of the car. So close to the wall.



A beautiful women shows up when the sheet comes off.



4 sports cars drifts away on top of the parking lot while a band plays on stage. Very dangerous.



Rally car jumps into the goal sign “Don’t Stop Playing” and finishes.


So did you get the message from TOYOTA?

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