King of Pop Meets Japanese Traditional Instruments

Sunday October 18th, 2015 08:33 PM

Good music are always good, meaning they will be passed on to next generations. They are loved many and they get covered by many artists as time passes by. Good music are eternal. The latest video to surface shows a traditional Japanese rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal, performed by professional shakuhachi (a Japanese bamboo flute) player Yuko Watanabe along with two backup performers on a koto (a stringed instrument, also the national instrument of Japan). The harmony of “East meets the West” is just amazing. Here’s the original by the way.  When was the last time you listened this version?


100 Days of Polar Night Magic | Places

Wednesday October 7th, 2015 02:17 PM

In the northern Finland the heart of winter lasts 100 days. As the mood and light vary countless times during this magical period, it’s impossible to experience all aspects of it during a short visit. That’s why VisitFinland.com and FinnAir are organising a mighty expedition, letting outdoor enthusiasts experience a true winter in a way that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This limited campaign is already running and we have 16 days left to go at the time of writing so don’t miss this great opportunity to be the real explorer.  The expedition lasts 3 months in the wilderness of Finland, this is real deal. The journey …


The Real Deal “KOHARU SUGAWARA”, The Interview | PEOPLE

Friday February 20th, 2015 08:12 PM

Hi-Bit Magazine has been following KOHARU SUGAWARA for a while now, one of the greatest Japanese female dancers, choreographers out there and today I would like to share some of the stories and insights of the young prospective dancer. Everything written here is based on her true words.  Let’s find out what she is all about. I was lucky enough to join KOHARU’s dance workshop held in En Dance Studio in Shibuya (Tokyo) and we sat down for a cup of coffee to hear her stories. “I always wanted to be different from others” As an ordinary 10 year old girl, she was simply happy to dance in front of …


The Razor Light Powered Dance Floor At Qlimax 2014 is Unbelievable | Video

Friday February 13th, 2015 10:00 PM

The dance music scene is still evolving, whether you like or not. This is a fact. It has become so popular now that there are many huge dance music festivals around the world, sometimes tickets sold over 6 digits. Here is a short footage of “Qlimax 2014”, one of the biggest indoor dance music festivals in Europe, on a par with Sensations was held in Arnhem, Netherlands. Netherlands, the holy land of dance music hosts this hard techno rave every November and the latest was unbelievable. The whole venue is like a spaceship (or whatever you call it) full of young man and female dancing under the programmed razor beams, …



Wednesday February 4th, 2015 07:18 PM

The Japanese LED dance performance crew “WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA aka EL SQUAD” is back with “DOOODLIN”. They first caught everyone’s eyes when they started dancing with LED lights on their suites where the lights were synchronised with the dance performance which looked so fresh. Now they are back with a brand new program “DOOODLIN” which will be held in Tokyo Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi starting April 3rd (Fri) through April 12th (Sun). The previous show was also amazing too. Tickets are available on DOOODLIN official website. – Event Information – SHOW:DOOODLIN‘ PERIOD:April 3rd (Fri) through April 12th (Sun) VENUE:Tokyo Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi TICKETS:ADVANCE7,800YEN(inc. tax) REGULAR/8,000YEN(inc. tax) ■DOOOLIN’ Official Website …


UK’s Singer Song-writer Lauren Faith Has The Sweetest Voice | MUSIC

Sunday February 1st, 2015 07:20 PM

I want to introduce a female singer that hit me recently. British native “Lauren Faith”  is a good looking and her outstanding voice drags you into her world of music. She is multi-talented and can play pianos, guitars, flutes, percussions, and violins. The first time I got to know her was this song. A very nice and relaxing house track with her sexy voice is just amazing. I love her voice but also like the music, which is very important element to determine whether a singer is good or great. If you listen to other stuff from her soundcloud, you will notice that her music is based on jazz, soul, …


World’s Biggest EDM Festival “Tomorrowland” Announces Surprising Lineup | Video

Wednesday January 28th, 2015 07:56 PM

The Belgian EDM festival “Tomorrowland 2015” has recently announced ticket sales and artist lineup information. Start Ticket Sale • Global Journey Ticket Sale: Saturday 24 January 2015 at 5PM (CET)/ Jan 25 1AM (JST) • WorldWide Ticket Sale: Saturday 7 February 2015 at 5PM (CET) / Feb 8 1AM (JST) It is rumoured that the total 360,000 tickets from 2014 were sold out after a few hours of ticket sales. http://www.tomorrowland.com/en/start-ticket-sale A Surprisingly Unique Artist Collaboration Announced For those of you who have been following the Tomorrowland movement, it might sound really surprising to hear the name “Symphony of Unity”, aka “The National Orchestra of Belgium”, the most prestigious orchestra from …


JAY-Z’s ’96 Demo Ranked On “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” | Music

Saturday January 24th, 2015 08:37 PM

The golden age of HipHop, the 90’s. HipHop was far more raw at that time and it still is in some parts but one thing we can all tell is that HipHop has changed a lot since then. Here I found a very rare demo “Reasonable Doubt” which was released back in 1996 by Hova aka JAY-Z, a HipHop artist active from way back and a successful business man. Of course the quality of the mp3 is not so good as we listen to more digitally produced music on radios now and they are far more clear in terms of sound but very fresh in a way. The sales of vinyl …


Super Dance Duo “Les Twins” On The Move | Video

12:17 PM

No need to be explained in the entertainment dance industry but the french dance duo “Les Twins” are still playing hard in the game. Here are 2 recent videos by the brothers. Check out our previous articles to find out more about Les Twins. Les Twins – Twins N Chains   This video was uploaded from the world’s largest dance network “DanceOn!” YouTube channel. Les Twins shed chains and show off their signature style. Les Twins – Bubba Sparxxx “Heat It Up”   This one was uploaded on the same day but from Les Twins official YouTube channel. The lights led from the background makes a super cool atmosphere where …


2014 Recap “Year Of Search” by Google | Video

Tuesday December 30th, 2014 08:33 PM

What was 2014 all about?  This is the question we ask ourselves when we hit the year end. Many things have happened, both good and bad but one thing we can say is the world is changing so rapidly and 2014 was a year of “change”. Today I want to share this video created by google, the search engine monster, where they visualized the top 2014 events that engaged literally everyone. One thing I have noticed these days is that the world is getting within everyone’s reach, meaning smaller.  If a financial crisis hits any country, It will effect the entire world in some way.  When Ebola disease was found …

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