#EpicFood Fight Drogba vs. Messi is Fun | Video

2014.12.03 Wed

The Ivory Coast National Team Superstar Didier Drogba challenges Lionel Messi, the king of football. This project was launched from Turkish Airlines as they have launched a different version of this series where Lionel Messi was competing with Kobe Bryant, the NBA superstar in a Selfie Shootout.


Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout

In this series, as Drogba flies around the world, he tries out different sorts of epic foods. While he enjoys the superb experience, there’s one thing that concerns him. It’s that guy that always appears on every photo frame where he visits…Yes Lionel Messi was here before.

Turkish Airlines #EpicFood1 Turkish Airlines #EpicFood3 Turkish Airlines #EpicFood4

Didier Drogba tries to compete with Lionel Messi and finds him through an excellent meal in the air, shooting a photo with the chef. But there’s one thing he hasn’t realised yet..

Turkish Airlines #EpicFood6 Turkish Airlines #EpicFood7 Turkish Airlines #EpicFood8

1min version here


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