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2014.06.22 Sun

Have you heard of Rino Nakasone, the Japanese female dancer, choreographer , model? She is already very well known in the dance community as she have expanded her dance career in Japan and overseas. So the questions is how did she become so succesful as a dancer and have got recognized by so many people including Janet Jackson? Who is she?

“Crazy” is the word that describes herof course in a good meaning! Her dance skills is off the hook but she humbly denies that. Interestingly, she also claims that she has never thought of becoming a dancer before.

Skipping her high profiled lists for later, I would like to first focus on her attitude towards working as a dancer/choreographer which definitely will be an inspiration for anyone who are following their dreams.

She says that she doesn’t plan before taking actions. Here are some important beliefs from her.

・Life is short and for just once. Believe in your soul.
・Don’t ever give up your dream. Take risks and challenge.
・Thank everyone who supports you

She dreamt of becoming an entertainer when she was a child and claims that has never changed since then. Rino also explains she has so many things she want to do in the future and the lists goes beyond dance and entertainment. Well, this might be the result of her humbleness and the continuous learnings from her whole dance career.

The moment when I first knew Rino Nakasone when I saw a piece of dance video in a dance studio which went viral a few years ago. I really love the groove of her dance and her moves are absolutely superb.

Some of Rino’s choreography works.

SHINee – Replay

Original MV by SHINee

Girl’s Generation – GENIE

Original MV by Girl’s Generation – GENIE

I’m sure you recall the music video the beautiful legs by the GG girls?

Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Girls (2004)

Rino Nakasone has participated in many high profile works. Gwen Stefani is one and Rino performed in Harajuku Girls’ music video and a few others as well. She also shared the stage with Gwen on her tour “Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005″ as a member of her supporting dancer.
In 2011, she also played an important role in choreographing for Britney Spears’ song “Toxic” for the tour “Femme Fatale Tour”.

As a child, she was exposed to Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson and she was shocked how dance can move people’s emotions. I really hope to see more of her “craziness” in the future and good luck to her upcoming shows.

You should check her new non-verbal entertainment show which will be held in Okinawa, Japan from July. The show is TEE!TEE!TEE! and check out the website for more detailed information.


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