Football Samurai Comes To Brazil | Video

2014.06.10 Tue

An armored “Samurai” finds his way into Brazil, the how country of FIFA World Cup 2014. The freestyle football performance is jaw dropping. First, check out the video yourself.

This video was originally made my Nissin, a Japanese company that produces the world’s famous Nissin Cup Noodle.

Freestyle football, also known as freestyle soccer in North America, is the art of expressing yourself with a football, while performing various tricks with any part of the body. Tokura (Kotaro Tokuda) is a Japanese RedBull athlete who is doing the actual performance under the armor and he is well known for winning the world champion of freestyle football 2012 in Italy held by RedBull. The video does not include any kind of CG. Séan Garnier is another world class freestyle footballer which we have posted previously.

Samurai_tokuda2 Samurai_tokuda3

According to Tokura’s website, he has collaborated with Neymar, the key player of Brazil.

Samurai_tokuda_main Samurai_tokuda_main2

Tokura’s Major Titles
・Red Bull Street Style World Final 2012 – 1st Place
・Super Ball 2012 – Show Flow 1st Place
・Red Bull Street Style Japan Final 2012 - 1st Place
・World Freetyle Football Championships 2011 Malaysia – Big one 1st Place
・World Freetyle Football Championships 2011 Malaysia – 4th Place
・Masters of the Game World Championships 2011 – Best 6
・Red Bull Street Style World Final 2010
・Red Bull Street Style Japan Final 2009 – 1st Place
・Red Bull Street Style Japan Nagoya Qualify – 5th Place

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