FRAMED 2.0 brings Digital Art to the Living Room | Technology

2014.07.31 Thu

Art has transformed over the years and digital art is a new type of media that has made a biggest leap forward by leveraging technology.

-Bringing Digital Art to Life-
FRAMED is an Internet connected display that allows you to showcase artwork in a way that has never been done before. The project started off raising funds on “Kickstarter”, the crowdsource platform which has already surpassed the pledged goal $75,000 and now little over $300,000 with 20 days still to go.


A very simple looking walnut frame carefully designed and assembled which is all said to be handmade. 2 different frame sizes are available, 24-inch and 40-inch and it is all up to you how you want them to be sit in your room. As it’s the future of frames, it comes with a free smartphone app (iOS/Android) for you will get instant access and easy control over the artworks, support various formats including: graphics, illustration, GIFs, animation, video, openFrameworks, Flash, Processing, and more.


Frame2.0_6This super intelligent frame enables you to change the artwork everyday depending on what kind of mood you are in so it basically opens up the ways of enjoyment of art in a 21st century way.


The Meaning of the Publishing Platform
One thing I would want to focus on although all the other aspects are pretty slick, is that this concept comes with a marketplace where buying and selling of artworks takes place. In other words, users are able to buy artworks here whenever they want and artists are able to showcase and sell their artworks. Originally most of the digital arts did not have a good outlet to be showcased or to be sold so most of the artists lacked opportunities to get their artworks out there but FRAME*2.0 might be the game changer. There’s no reason not using this platform if you’re an digital art creator. This also means there will be semipermanent artworks produced within the marketplace unless the community dies so the users are able to find their perfect piece everyday very easily. What a great concept this can be!

You still have time to back up the project and get your own digital art platform for your perfect room. But don’t wait too much as the clock is ticking.


Check out the website for more detailed specifications of the product.

FRAME*2.0 was developed by Yugo Nakamura and William Lai.


Yugo Nakamura (@yugop) is a creative director, designer and engineer exploring various forms of interactive systems in digital and networked environments. Artworks from his personal website: have been shown at Center Pompidou (Paris), Kunstlerhaus (Vienna), Design Museum (London). His commercial works through his studio, tha ltd., have received many international awards including Cannes Lions, OneShow, Clio Award, and NY ADC.
William Lai (@williamxlai) is a producer and co-founder of FRM. William’s work spans across product design and user experience, with a focus on physical products combined with the collaborative nature of the web. He is also the founder of TempleATS, a record label operating in Tokyo.



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