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2013.08.12 Mon

Already well known but fairly new to the game is this beatmaker from Denver Colorado “Pretty Lights”. He plays in big festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and has collaborated with Talib Kweli on his recent song. So what is it so special about him? Before we get into that, briefly, his sound is a mixture of sampled hiphop beats with sometimes glitch and electro so it’s a basically a mixture of “Now”.

Okay that was easy, right? Well when Glitch-Hop and Dubstep came about, his sound didn’t hit me as much but know if you listen to his recent mix “The HOT sh*t, Episode 89″, I really feel it musically and it makes you feel good when you’re tired of all that spiky electro sounds that you hear recently.

Although it might not sound too fresh for you, I think his sounds are well arranged and blended all together as organic-ish but electro-ish which we can say it is “new” in total.

If you go to his music label, you can download his and his artists’ songs for free but don’t forget to support the man by donating. Enjoy his great sound!


Pretty Lights Music Label:


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