Full Moon Party in Yoron Island “SAORI’An” | Video

2014.05.27 Tue

I first found out about Yoron Island when SAORI’An, Japanese paint artist was going to perform at a festival in Yoron Island.  This small island is located just north of Okinawa’s main island and it is still has this raw atmosphere surrounding that place. So SAORI’An is back with the beautiful festival once again which will be held at the exact same spot by the beach on full moon, July 12th. The festival “Tsukiyoi Matsuri 2014″ is full of love and peace, embracing connection between people.


Watch the after movie from last year here to get to know more about it.

It is a perfect place to be to start off the summer of 2014.
Here’s an article I‘ve wrote last year about the festival.


■Tsukiyoi Matsuri 2014■

DATE:July 12th 2014(Sat. ) Full Moon 16pm~
PLACE: Yoron Island, Chabana Beach Stage

PRICE:2000 YEN / inc. 1Drink(Seats available/Free entry for kids under 12 years old)
:  Makiko Miyara(Vo.), Masanori Narikawa(Gtr), Kariyushi Band
Jimmy    Miyashita ( Santur )
: Saori Kanda (SAORI’An)

Fire Dance:
※ Time table will be announced lately.
◆Please contact Yoronjima Tourist Organization for accommodations and transportation 0997-97-5151


◆How to get to Yoron Island




SAORI’An has started off very well this year by doing live painting at the Seibu Department Store in Shibuya and her own exhibition at the gallery. And now she seems to be enjoying her first half of 2014 and here are some of the exciting news to be shared.

Congratulation to her and her creative team for winning the “A’DESIGN AWARD” (Milan, Italy) as they have won Platinum prize for their Nissan × SAORI KANDA “Nissan Calendar 2013″ for the Graphic and Visual Communication Design category. The award is almost like a Italian version of Good Designs Awards here in Japan. You can check out the behind the scenes here.


LIFE ALIVE tour is also hot among all her activities so far. She has already completed her own exhibition in Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) , Jura (Switzerland), and Tours (France) and each and one of them was a great success.

What I see in Saori is that she doesn’t have boundaries in any sort and she gets appreciated no matter where she is. I believe there are a lot of Japanese people who wants to go overseas in various kinds and I feel that we can learn a lot out of her way of communication, which is all based on “LOVE”. Very simple but very important.

Another big news. She performed for SHPONGLE in Red Rocks (Colorado, USA) a couple of weeks ago. SHPONGLE is the charisma of Trance music formed by Raja Ram and Simon Posford. The legendary psychedelic band’s show is almost like a circus, having all sorts of performers counting up to 12 peopleamazing stuff. SAORI’An was a part of the show and her character was well expressed inside such environment. The band will be playing a show in June for the first time in 10 years
in full band. How special is that?


Tickets are available now.

Shpongle Live in Concert Tokyo
“Museum of Consciousness” World Tour

June 27th, 2014 (Fri) / June 28th, 2014 (Sat)

18:00 OPEN / 19:00 START / 21:30 END

Stella Ball(Shingawa Prince Hotel)

10-30 Takanawa 4-chome, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 108-8611 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)3-3440-1111

Standing/2F Seats
Regular Ticket: 8,500 YEN(Tax Inc.

*There are no tickets sold on the day of the show if pre-sales tickets are sold out
・e-plus 2F Reserved Seat Tickets
w/ Private entrance, bar, toilet

・Pre-Sales Tickets:March 1st, 2014~
12,000 YEN

【Official Website】 http://www.solstice23.com/

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