HONG 10 From Korea Comes Back Strong | Video

2013.12.06 Fri

The 10th Red Bull BC One World Champion held in Seoul, South Korea named Hong 10(Kim Hong-Yeol) the World Champ for the second time. HONG 10′s performance were really strong and solid, some unbelievable moves that he nailed grabbed the hearts of the crowd and the judges. Congratulations to HONG 10.  Mounir also did very good but unfortunately the champion belt slipped through his fingers.

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Every single battle were incredible as world’s best b-boys gathered in this place, I recommend you to watch every match if you’re a break dance fan. I thought Lil Zoo’s style was very cool and exciting to see him back again on stage. Nori from Japan had his attitude as usual but had to walk away after the battle with WING.


If you haven’t checked out Asia Pacific Finals, here you go.


Red Bull BC One 10 Year Anniversary – Best Action

Roxrite vs Arex – Battle 1

Taisuke vs Lilou – Battle 2

Ronnie vs Gravity – Battle 3

Mounir vs Froz – Battle 4

Wing vs Nori – Battle 5

Omar vs Robin – Battle 6

Lil Zoo vs Neguin – Battle 7

Hong 10 vs Menno – Battle 8

Lilou vs Roxrite – Quarter Finals

Mounir vs Gravity – Quarter Finals

Wing vs Robin – Quarter Finals

Lil Zoo vs Hong 10 – Quarter Finals

Mounir vs Lilou – Semi Finals

Wing vs Hong 10 – Semi Finals

Mounir vs Hong 10 – FINAL BATTLE


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