illadelphmatic – The Roots × NaS | mixtape

2012.05.20 Sun

When you listen to DJ Mick Boogies’ mixtape, they reminds us of the “good old days”.

The NYC based DJ has rocked the crowds in major cities around the globe. One of his previous works with DJ Jazzy Jeff “summertime 2″ was a perfect mix you would want under the sun with some beer. Today we would like to introduce a dope mix by him.

This collaboration piece between “The Roots” and “NaS” features unreleased songs, remixes, and rarities.

The Philadelphia’s legendary hip-hop band “The Roots” needs no explanations. Within their 23 year career, they’ve won the Grammys as well as number of others.

On the other hand, the NY representing rapper “NaS” from Queens have attracted many fans over the years with his lyrics, recording 8 platinum and multi-platinum albums from 1994, which adds up to 13 million album sales just in the US.

This work features many songs from the 90′s and brings back a nostalgic feeling of the middle school hip hop era.

Highly recommended for those of you who feels a bit lost in the recent hip-hop trends.

Free Download from here.

DJ Mick Boogie Official wesite :
“Summertime 2″ :

01 – Mick Boogie Illadelphmatic02 – Nas No Idea’S Original
03 – The Roots Distortion To Static (Black Thought Mix)
04 – Nas & Questlove Secret Agent Man
05 – The Roots Obey Your Thirst
06 – Nas Don’T Hate Me Now (Showoff Remix)
07 – The Roots Lockdown
08 – Nas & Az Hope (The Aremick Boogie Remix)
09 – The Roots The Professional
10 – Nas I Can (9Th Wonder Remix)
11 – The Roots & Roy Ayers Proceed Ii
12 – Nas Silent Murder
13 – Nas & The Roots It Ain’T Hard To Tell (Live)
14 – The Roots You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix)
15 – Nas Doo Rags
16 – Nas & Slick Rick Me And Nas
17 – The Roots The Show
18 – Nas Understanding
19 – The Roots Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)
20 – Nas Purple
21 – The Roots The Good, The Bad & The Desolate
22 – Nas & The Roots Nas Is Like (Live)
23 – The Roots Hardware
24 – Nas & Cee – Lo Less Than An Hour
25 – The Roots Y’All Know Who
26 – Nas Where Y’All At
27 – The Roots Web
28 – Nas Where Are They Now
29 – The Roots Thought At Work (Beatles Mix)
30 – Nas & The Roots Hip Hop Is Dead (Live)
31 – Nas The World Is Yours (Q – Tip Remix)
32 – The Roots Listen To This
33 – Nas Tick Tock
34 – The Roots Silent Treatment (You & Yours Mix)
35 – Nas Time
36 – The Roots Break You Off (D’Angelo Version)
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