In Search Of A Better World | Video

2012.08.22 Wed

Many people are now worried about the future of human beings as we face many unsolved problems, not knowing how to solve them before it gets too late.

When I bumped into this video, it made me feel “hope” which many people are seeking for and I thought it would be nice to share this experience with you.

The mother Tui who appears on the video takes her child Lucie on a trip around the globe meeting incredible people doing incredible things for the good of others and this planet. It is her intention to teach her child that there are still wonderful things going on around the world and let her child know that people want to help for ongoing co-existence.

“See How Following Their Dreams Means Making A Difference”

This is just a trailer but we do not know when the movie will be out but the idea is stunning. This is definitely something you would want to look forward to and we hope it will be out soon.

In Search Of A Better World – Trailer from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Official Website:

Created, written, directed & produced by Gaby Wehn
Starring Tui Sang & Lucie may Pearce
Produced by Scott Laffer
Director of photography: Nina Choi
Sound: Paul Blisby
Editing/Post-Production: Vincent Urban

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