Infinite Possiblity Of Dance | Video

2013.10.13 Sun

Once you watch this video, you would be overwhelmed by the power of dance. Since there are no languages in dance, it can easily cross country boarders and it’s simply fun to watch. Now in the internet era, Youtube has become one of the most visited media on internet, and dance videos are becoming more and more viewed.

This incredible robot-animated popping video has been put out by Yak Films, who have become famous for their dance performance videos such as Les Twins. The dancer that appear on this video “CHIBI” aka Bryan Gaynor is a dancer from Dragon House/RemoteKontrol and his moves are so unrealistic, catching every beat of dubstep. This little man was able to amaze people even he had a smaller body than others by his unique dance techniques and gain respect from others.

Chibi1 Chibi3 Chibi2

Dragon House crew has been putting out amazing videos on YouTube so go check them out if you’re interested.

CHIBI YouTube Channel:


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