JAY-Z’s ’96 Demo Ranked On “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” | Music

2015.01.24 Sat

The golden age of HipHop, the 90’s. HipHop was far more raw at that time and it still is in some parts but one thing we can all tell is that HipHop has changed a lot since then.

Here I found a very rare demo “Reasonable Doubt” which was released back in 1996 by Hova aka JAY-Z, a HipHop artist active from way back and a successful business man.

Jay-Z-Demo2 Jay-Z-Demo1

Of course the quality of the mp3 is not so good as we listen to more digitally produced music on radios now and they are far more clear in terms of sound but very fresh in a way. The sales of vinyl records are increasing worldwide and I see that movement as a back to the basics. Maybe it’s a sign of how people look at the modern world now as they are a bit tired of mass produced stuff or too commercialised tastes.

So I guess at the end of the day, people are still into the raw stuff. What do you think? Tell us your opinion on this.

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