“Jetlev” Flight Experience | Video

2012.07.27 Fri

Have you ever seen something close to this?!

The Jetlev is a patented watersports jetpack called “Jetlev 200″ that allows you to safely and easily fly up 30 feet in the air, harnessing the power of controlled water pressure. Raymond Li, a Chinese-born Canadian from St. John’s Newfoundland came across this idea and after extensive research and development with countless testings, he finally gave birth to this water powered jetpack.

Once you’re ready to fly, you’ll be able to speed up to 25mph and fly high as 30 feet above water level.

So guess how much this whole equipment costs? It’s $99,500! You’ll be able to experience this in Hawaii and it costs you $399.99. Sounds a little pricy but you’ll have to experience it first to judge if it’s overpriced or not. Get Jetleved this summer!

Official Website: http://www.jetlev.com/

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