Just Another Beginning Of A Story “LIFE ALIVE”

2013.12.13 Fri

Japanese artist, Saori Kanda has announced a solo exhibition “LIFE ALIVE” from Dec. 27 through Jan. 9th. in Seibu Department Store in Shibuya (art gallery on the 8th floor). Her unique painting style is hard to describe as she paints on walls, floors, ceilings, anywhere that makes her feel her ideas can be expressed.

2013 was definitely a huge year for her. She won the Bronze Award for IAAA (International Automotive Advertising Awards), performances at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013, Tsukiyosimatsuri at Yoron-Island, DISCOVERY ’13, TWISTIVAL 2013 w/ SHPONGLE, appearance on Dragon Ash’s brand new music video “Lily” including residence in Calcutta, India, and exhibition at Almaty Museum in Kazakhstan.

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She is always the one who has been proving that art has no national boundaries which is the beauty of art and we can not take our eyes off of her upcoming year of 2014. It is always a good time of the year to look back on what we have and have not achieved and move on to our next challenges in the following year. For those of you who are always keeping your stakes high for self improvements, it will be a very good opportunity to get inspired by Saori Kanda’s live performance which will be held on Jan. 1st. from 2pm at the site. A good new year’s plan after visiting the shrines. DJ HI-C, a 5 consecutive DMC World DJ Championship winner will be sharing the stage with her. This will definitely a crazy one, people don’t miss out on this.

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Solo Exhibition of Original drawings【LIFE ALIVE】
Venue: Art Gallery, Seibu Department Store 8F (Shibuya)

From: December 27th to January 9th, 2014
Adress: 21-1 Udagawachō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to
Open: Weekday 10:00 – 21:00 / Weekend 10:00 – 20:00

-LIFE PAINT, live painting performance
1st January, New Year’s Day, 14:00 – 16:00
Venue: Special stage on the entrance of Shibuya Seibu

Here‘s some of my pictures from the same event held this year.

【Special Talk Sessions】
■Dec. 28th, 4pm-5pm
Writer of “Ryuko” Eldo Yoshimizu & Movie Director Tetsuya Ishiya,
Photographer of “Ryuko⇆Saori” Nobuhiko Ohtsuki”,
and DJ/Taromix who have keep SAORI’An dancing on stage will all gather around and
talk about behind the scenes and untold stories of the production of “Ryuko“.

■Dec. 29th 5pm-6pm
Akihiko Nagumo/Movie Director
Shuichi Kage/Music Producer
MEDAA/Costume Design
Masashi Tateno/Hair Make Artist

All the main members of the NISSAN Calendar film project will have a talk session
about the behind the scenes of the special movie they have created.


Hello everyone.
My name is Saori Kanda and I’m a life painting artist.

I am very happy to announce my very first solo exhibition ever,
which all my works from LIFE PAINT will be exhibited.

A lot of energy has been put into every single painting
by every single person who were involved in it and they are filled with beautiful stories.

I recall every single moment when I stand in front of my paintings.
All the staffs who have supported the project.
The power of music which takes me to the “zone”.
The energy from the beloved crowd.

I hope all the exhibited paintings will bring
unification, meetings, reactions to the place
and leads the way to a beginning of a new story.

I would like to introduce all my greatest friends,
photographers, designers, video directors, musicians, and bloggers
who have kindly supported SAORI’An during this exhibition.

I hope the energy of all interactions will spread through LIFE PAINT.

Thank you with all my heart


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