Keep Your Bikes Safe With Sphyke

2013.11.03 Sun

To protect your favorite bike from thieves by locking your bike frame is just not enough. When it comes to expensive bikes, it is easy for thieves to steal just the parts of your bike and you know how much those small parts of your bikes costs you. So to be extra safe on it, here’s when this new gadget from Berlin, Germany plays a important role for anti theft combination skewers.

It may seem a pain in the ass to lock every single time when you park your bike but it’s not what you think. This skewers “Sphyke C3N” will replace all of the front wheel quick release or Hex/Allen key skewers. You can even combine a D-Lock or Cable Lock if you already have one with the skewers for extra bike security, protecting front and rear wheels from theft. The good part is that you don’t need to carry extra keys with you all the time.

In order to ensure a safe and valuable bike, its security needs to level up. Thus, Sphyke’s C3N Skewers are a sure fire way to enhance the value and protection of your bike, ensuring it’s yours for the long run. Locks for front wheels, rear wheels, handles and saddles are available for now.

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