“Koharu Sugawara” One of The Hottest Female Dancers | Video

2014.03.20 Thu

“I want to keep the pureness of dance which is having fun” says Koharu Sugawara, the Japanese female dancer/choreographer.


I think dance is a form of communication and she is extraordinary for expressing her emotions using her whole body. Very simple. Her skills reaches towards music video choreography for Korean female group “2NE1″ and she herself was featured on a nike fuel band SE promotional video.

Koharu-Sugawara KoharuSugawara2

One thing I realize among the “greatest” people in any profession is simply “love”. Dance was just the biggest love for her and she just keeps on doing her thing and you feel the tremendous energy as you see her even through your screens. Can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

This freestyle dancing is absolutely stunning. Obviously Mariah Carey – Emotions is the name of the song. Check it out.

[Dec.2014 Update] Check out her latest dance/choreography!

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