Mashup Tokyo by Kutiman from Israel | Video

2013.11.09 Sat

Kutiman is a Israel born audio visual artist who is well known for his unique works as he mashups youtube videos from around the world with his own shot videos and creates a completely new inspirational piece of artwork.

He has been featured on numerous magazines, newspapers, blogs from around the world and he was selected as “Best 50 Inventions in 2009″ by TIME magazine.

This unique project “Thru City” is created with local musicians where Kutiman visits as he shoots videos and records sounds and takes them home to be mashed up which was a one of a kind approach in the YouTube era.

kutiman_amitisraeli Kutiman1 Kutiman2

His brand new “Thru Tokyo” video was shot in Tokyo which took him about a month to complete all the filming and it was released to the world at Takasaki Music Festival in Oct. 2013.

KEIZOmachine! (HIFANA)
[FRESH PUSH / Kaossilator / Turntable]

Juicy (HIFANA)
[ASALATO / Nose Flute]

Kazuyuki Shiotaka

Mayuko Kobayashi

Makoto Takei
Nohkan / Shinobue / Shakuhachi

Ishii Chizuru
[小鼓 / 太鼓]
Tsuzumi / Taiko

Maywa Denki a.k.a Novumichi Tosa
[パチモク / オタマトーン]
Pachi-Moku / Otama-Tone


Seitaro Mine

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