Must listen “Matan Caspi” | Download

2012.10.19 Fri

We would probably say “Matan Caspi” is one of the best rising DJ/Producers out there in the electronic music scene. Definitely a breakthrough in 2010 and more and more releases topping the charts, you can see how fast he has become one of the top DJ/Producers in the game if you see the list: Little Mountain, Pacha, Global Underground, Baroque, Spinnin’ Records, Harem, Enorumous, Tunes, Armada, Unreleased Digital, Ultra, Audio Damage, Haiti Groove, Afterglow, and many more to come. His productions and mixes combine a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from groovy progressive house to the tech house & techno, from the deep house through to the international edge of the electronic music scene.

Well, did you know that he releases DJ Mixes for free every month? Those of you still not familiar with him, go ahead and free download the DJ Mix so you can get a taste of what we are talking about and go listen to his works as well if you like it.

This DJ Mix (Oct. 2012) was released just few days ago. Go right to it..Enjoy!

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