N.O.R.E vs Cryptex – Superthug & Go (Ace Quadz mashup)

2012.05.28 Mon

Do you know what a mashup is?

This word has been used in the music industry for a while, but what does it actually mean?
We asked this question to a friend who works in the industry.
The answer was…

“A method of creating music by combining 2 completely different songs into 1 which go together well”

To break it down, it is like blending a vocal track and a instrumental track into one song.
Although it sounds similar, it is not exactly a remix and we can enjoy 2 completely different songs at the same time.
Let’s go ahead and hear a mashup.

This mashup features N.O.R.E. aka Noreaga’s “Superthug” and Glitch Hop artist Cryptex’s “Go”.
“Superthug” was released in 1998 from Tommy Boy Records which was the first high profile production done by The Neptunes.

On the other hand, the 18 year old Glitch Hop producer Cryptex produces top quality Glitch Hop original tracks and remixes. You’ll know what I mean once you hear it.

This track is included in the DJ Mix by Ace Quadz here so don’t forget to check that too.

Cryptex Official Website: http://cryptexofficial.com/

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