New Cirque Du Soleil “OVO” in Japan | Video

2013.09.07 Sat

After the successful North American tour which started from April 2009, it is now for Japanese Cirque fans. The show will be on during Feb 12 (Wed), 2014 through Apr. 13 (Sun), 2014, a total of 83 shows. Ticket pre-sales for Tokyo shows are already available followed by Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai.

“OVO” is a show that is based on the ecosystem of insects, which will be very acrobatic for no doubt but this show is said to be more of a “movement”, not just dancing, jumping, etc. So find it out yourself what that means! It doesn’t look that special as far as the trailer goes but let’s look forward to what the world’s best circus can offer to us.

By the way, “OVO” means egg in Portugal.


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