New Releases By Techno Duo “DRUNKEN KONG” | Music

2014.05.08 Thu

Japanese techno duo “DRUNKEN KONG” has come up with some new stuff the past few weeks. Please check out their previous article if you haven’t had a chance to know about them before.

DRUNKEN KONG have been putting out tracks Internationally and here are some of the new ones.
“Being Lonely E.P” which was released on 4/18 from Session Trax and they are available exclusively on Beatport.  Every track is very solid and minimal. I love the grinding bass which makes my body move as I listen to the track. Yup this is real dance music. It’s hard to pick but my favorite would be “The Music In Me”. Go check them out yourself!

Moving on2 more songs released from SUI GENERIZ a label located in Portugal. Under A Tree E.P is available on digital stores. Very deep, pumping and groovy… keeps you moving on the dance floor for sure.

There will be upcoming tracks from them so stay tuned!

If you like their music, here are some upcoming shows you don’t want to miss. 5/17 (Sat.) ageHa × Mother presents UNIVERSAL SOUNDS OF ORCHESTRA and 6/29 (Sun.) ELEC-TION (outdoor event). Both shows will be performed by DJ KYOKO aka DRUNKEN KONG. Check out their schedule for details.

They will become more active towards the summer (yes it’s the season!) so don’t miss out.

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