Over 700 Balloons In The Air Of New Mexico | Video

2013.11.24 Sun

You’ve never seen hot air balloons like this before. Albuquerque, New Mexico held its 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta. It’s a 9-day event where over 700 balloons see liftoff. It’s the largest hot air balloon festival in the entire world and it was captured in timelapse. If you look at the designs of each air balloon, they are very original and some are famous characters.

The countdown for the next festival has already begun on their website and it’s 313 days to go! Turn the Volume up, HD on and enjoy this Balloon Fiesta Experience!
If you are capable of watching in a higher resolution than 1080p choose original as this film was finished in 4k.

Balloon Fiesta1 Balloon Fiesta4 Balloon Fiesta3 Balloon Fiesta2

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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