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2014.11.10 Mon

When was your last time you’ve handwritten on a real notebook?
For me, once a week would be at the most. Although there are differences among people, the handwriting culture has gradually slipped away from our daily lives in general.

After all the PCs and mobile devices have dominated our lives, we can always type our memos on devices and sync them on cloud, such as tools like “Evernote” and I surely do appreciate that technology.
Evernote – Evernotekakuno_image1

But today I want to introduce this pen that might make you question the whole digital writing experience. The Japanese stationary company “Pilot” (The behind the development of the erasable pen “frixion pen”) just came up with this brand new affordable fountain pen for kids with good quality. It is named “Kakuno” (meaning “I will write” in Japanese) and has been awarded the good design awards for it’s beautifully designed exterior and the concept. The pen has been released in Oct. 2013 and after 9 months, they have reportedly sold up over 500,000 units ever since. Why is this such a big deal? Well, the stationary industry market size has declined from 2008 through 2012 for about 10% and that said, this amount of sales is pretty big and Pilot is actually doing pretty good after all.

Traditional fountain pens were priced much higher, and they were rated as one of the sophisticated pens out there with history for adults. “Kakuno” has created a new market of fountain pens by redefining the handwriting culture by stating that “handwriting is fun” with a new affordable fountain pen for children.

The price is set around US$9 and it is an affordable tool for children. Although they have designed it for children, the actual consumer ranges beyond that and young adults in the 20s, especially women are welcomed the product as well. “A beautiful handwriting experience in the digital world” changed how people take notes and it is a very good practice for sure.

The diversity of modern communication methods have changed our lives, from keyboard typing to stamps (eg. LINE Stamps) in the messenger app world. It all made our communication easier. But that doesn’t mean that communication has to be always that way. Handwriting brings warmth, better memorization, knowing how to handwrite properly, etc. seems to me a different story than simply a easier communication. After all, I have order a piece for myself to experiment what the handwriting can habit can bring to me.

Worth considering a pen or two for your kids, or even yourself with this “Kakuno” fountain pen for sure. Oh we are right around the corner for Christmas season, meaning more handwritten Christmas Cards!



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