Play DJ FREE by “PartyCloud”

2012.06.06 Wed

Want to become a DJ right away?  Well , you can you know.

Till now, DJs worked with turntables, mixers and pcs.  Entry model DJ softs of two big labels,  Scratch Live and Tracktor cost 50,000 yen and 30,000 yen each.  Expensive!

NOW, just link up to the FREE site below and choose any track from around 20 million selection and tap to the beat you want.  You’re on your way to maybe the hottest DJ ever.

Daisuke Inoue
Content Specialist: Digital Strategist & Communication Consultant

Content is king, only if they are in the right hands. I am passionate about great content and how to deliver them to the right people. The question is “What is the right content?” That is where I come in and help people/organisations to be outstanding. My area of interests are music, travelling, movies, blockchain technology, new media and minimalistic lifestyle.

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