Projection Mapping “Coca Cola 125th Anniversary” | Video

2012.05.27 Sun

Here’s an example of an attractive experiment by Antilop, an Istanbul based creative agency.

For Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition’s Future Room concept, Antilop transformed santralistanbul’s Galeri 1 into an immersive environment by creating 90 square meter of 270-degree projection system.

Nowadays, we see more and more corporations who rely promotions on these art installations around the world.  We hope to see more of them coming in the future, especially Japanese firms who believe in power of art so they can spread their words more effectively.

Location: santralistanbul
Date: 07.12.2011
Duration: 4’30”

Creative Directors : Refik Anadol / Maurizio Braggiotti / Efe Mert Kaya /
Art Direction/Visual Artist : Can Büyükberber
Production Director : Serkan Arslan
Sound Design: Kerim Karaoğlu

Antilop Official Website:

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