Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (Ben Samples remix)

2012.05.25 Fri

A Rock band out of California “Rage Against The Machine”.  They have played in front of millions since they made their come back.

Ben Samples aka Samples who is the remixer of this track, can Glitch Hop..literally.  He is a member of FRESH2DEATH, who we’ve introduced in our previous post here.  What we like about this track is that he remixed it to Glitch Hop which sounds outstanding, but still has not lost the original vibe of the song.

I went to see Rage Against The Machine when they came to Makuhari Messe and the hall was packed. They are well known in Japan.

Tom Morello (Gtr), a Harvard top graduate, majored political science.  Pretty smart guy. He also got fired by a U.S. Senator when he worked as a secretary.

Zach de la Rocha (Vo), gotta see him perform live.

Rage Against The Machine Official Website: http://www.ratm.com/

Ben Samples Official Website: http://bensamples.com/

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