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2012.06.05 Tue

Mobile devices are playing an important role in our lives as smartphone user grows rapidly these days.

We consume time more effectively while travelling as a result of diverse use and situations of mobile devices.
Here’s an item heavily recommended for all you mobile users.

This bestseller “Eneloop Mobile Booster” by Panasonic is a rechargeable portable battery which provides instant back-up power for recharging smart phones and other USB powered devices. This lineup enables faster recharge time compared to previous models and it ensures easy battery recharges for wide variety of mobile devices.

【Main Features of Eneloop Mobile Booster】

① Suitable for Business trips, Commuting, Traveling and at times of disasters
② Output of 2 × 500mA or 1 × 1A(KBC-L2B)/ 1 × 500mA (KBC-L3A)
③ Light weighted 78g (KBC-L3A)
④ LED light indicator for remaining battery life
⑤ Rechargeable vis USB connector, AC connector with Micro-USB adapter, Mini-USB-cable, and AC adapter)

We Japanese have learned that mobile devices (especially smart phones) can be crucial at times of disasters. This can be a very useful item not only for daily uses but also for emergency uses too.

KBC-L3A eneloop mobile booster

Good for smart phones..

KBC-L2B eneloop mobile booster

KBC-E2S eneloop mobile booster (inc. 2 eneloop AA batteries)

※Click here for the compatibility list of the new models KBC-L2B and KBC-L3A

eneloop mobile booster English Official Website :

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