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2012.05.11 Fri

I try to do a little exercise once in a while to balance my body.
We did a little research on how exercise affects us.

① Prevents life-style diseases

② Relieves stress, improves mentality, prevents depression

③ Keeps the brain active, helps with sleep

An “adequate exercise” varies between each person, so finding your decent amount is very important. Recently, we see more and more people jogging together with their friends in small groups.
Exercise with friends is more efficient, and it brings you a better chance of making new friends, so we strongly recommend you to continue as possible so you can build a stress proof, energetic, and positive minded brain structure.

Today we’re going to introduce to you a DJ mix by Ace Quadz which perfectly fits your daily exercise, especially jogging.  This DJ mix features 30 minutes of Glitch Hop, which we briefly touched in our previous post, and we believe it’s a well organized mix for beginners as well.

Here’s some jogging tips.

① Your feet should come down straight, not inside or outside

② Keep your back straight, while leaning slightly forward.  Be conscious of your muscles just below your belly button

③ Close your fists softly and swing your arms to keep your shoulder blades moving while pulling your elbows backwards.

④ Push your legs forward along with your pelvis, utilizing the repelling force you get from landing.

Make sure to do warm-ups and warm-downs to prevent injuries.

Hi-Bit Magazine Presents Running 30min Mix Podcast by Ace Quadz

1.  Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic Knight Riderz Remix- King Fantastic

2.  The Pocket Original Mix – Blunt Instrument

3.  Twitch Original Mix - Blunt Instrument

4.  Fire Riddim – ediT

5.  Back Up Off The Floor feat. The Grouch – ediT

6.  Meanwhile, In The Future Original Mix – Koan Sound

7.  Lone Town Original Mix - Blunt Instrument

8.  Flavorythm Original Mix – DCARLS

9.  Carry Out (Cryptex Reglitch) - Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake

10. Slap and Ticle Original Mix – Love & Light

11. Any More feat.Astronaaut 100bpm Edit – Statix, Eddie K, Astronaaut

12. Iron Man Original Mix – AKIRA KITESHI

13. Go Original Mix vs. Superthug – Cryptex vs. Noreaga (Ace Quadz Mashup )

14. Battle Toad Original Mix - Blunt Instrument

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